CRDS - CEATS Research, Development and Simulation Centre

The CRDS is a key component of the CEATS Programme and another standard bearer for a European vision. It is foreseen to be a sister unit to the EEC able to provide a dedicated service to CEATS with the capability of rapid reaction to CEATS needs. In addition it will enrich the pool of R&D providers in Europe whilst moving the balance of European R&D towards the east.

In order to validate main technical and operational choices during the implementation of the CEATS UAC, the CRDS will perform all the simulations under specifications commonly defined with the CSPDU. The CRDS will include simulation facilities and systems (ESCAPE) compatible with those of the EEC. This will permit small and large-scale real-time simulations and also the capability to prototype HMI and CWP features. In addition to ESCAPE the CRDS will have the capability to conduct model-based simulations using the RAMS tool. The CRDS will establish a regional aeronautical database to facilitate rapid reaction to simulation requests. The CRDS will eventually provide wider support to the CEATS States, to other States, and to EATMP.

CRDS Status April 2001

The CRDS building is now completed. The procurement of the equipment for the simulation facility has been finalised and the final deliveries of ATC consoles and Sony monitors will be made in early May. Six members of staff have been recruited to date, additional staff will be recruited during the next 18 months to realise the full potential of the CRDS. A simulator acceptance week is planned for the 18th June which will culminate in the official inauguration of the centre on Friday 22nd June. The official start of operations is foreseen for 1st July 2001.

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Updated 12.04.2001 by Stefan Oze