Central European Air Traffic Services

"The airspace of the ECAC states shall, for ATM purposes, be considered a continuum and shall not be constrained by national boundaries". [ATM 2000+ Strategy, January 2000]

"Europe cannot keep the frontiers in the sky that it has managed to eliminate on the ground". [Commission communication to the Council and the European Parliament, November 1999]

"At a time when Europe has achieved a Single Market and a Single Currency, it is inconceivable that a Single European Sky is outside of our reach". [Draft Final Report of the High Level Group, July 2000]

Background Information:

On 10 June 1999, acknowledging the political, economic and operational benefits expected from the Central European Air Traffic Services (CEATS) Programme, the Ministers of Transport of the 28 EUROCONTROL Member States endorsed the creation of the common CEATS Upper Area Control Centre (CUACC), and three supporting units. The CUACC will be located in Vienna, Austria and the three supporting units will be located as follows: the CEATS Strategy Planning and Development Unit (CSPDU) in Prague, Czech Republic, the CEATS Research, Development and Simulation Centre (CRDS) in Budapest, Hungary, and the CEATS Training Centre, (CTC) in Forli, Italy. From the very start, the Programme received the full support of the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO), the airspace user organisations and major European banks.

CEATS covers the airspace of Austria, Croatia, the Czech Republic, Hungary, the Padua region of north-east Italy, the Slovak Republic, Slovenia and Bosnia and Herzegovina. CEATS is financed exclusively by the CEATS States.

The CSPDU became operational in 1999. The CRDS is planned to be operational in 2001, the CTC in 2004, and the CUACC in 2007.

A Cost Benefit Analysis (CBA) commissioned by the CEATS States predicts flight efficiency savings of 100MEUR per year for aircraft operators, and a 7% return on investment for CEATS States within three years of the start of operations.

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