1. To further evaluate in specific geographical areas a first CEATS Airspace sectorisation plan resulting from the first fast time simulation, previous studies and expert discussions.

2. To assess controller workload and capacity of selected CEATS sectors based on system support, procedures and controller tasks appropriate to the constrained and optimum scenarios detailed in the CEATS operational concept.

3. To assess the impact of direct routings from CEATS airspace entry to exit.

4. To evaluate an EATMP compliant, fully electronic stripless ATC system that could provide a baseline for the CEATS operational system and propose improvements to HMI and functionality.

5. To assess and propose changes to draft internal CEATS co-ordination procedures.

6. To assess and propose changes to draft CEATS co-ordination procedures involving military and adjacent units.

7. To assess the impact of general military operations with specific reference to the activation of TSA on civil CEATS sectors.

8. To obtain experience on the basic requirements for future conversion training.

Secondary Objective: To obtain feedback on the impact of CEATS operations on the vertical profiles of traffic and the surrounding airspace.

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Updated 12.04.2001 by Stefan Oze