CEATS Real-Time Simulation No.1 is the name given to the real-time simulation preparation project designed to satisfy the simulation requirements of the CSPDU.

One of the aims is to provide a common EATCHIP III compliant platform with individually customised HMI specifications suited to the specific needs of the CEATS states.

The CEATS Real-Time Simulation No.1 platform is based on recent EUROCONTROL simulation platforms and is therefore already at an advanced stage of development and testing. The use of this existing platform minimises the risk to the simulation client and reduces the software work otherwise required to develop a completely new platform.

The simulation will provide advice and guidance to CSPDU towards improvement of its planned future ATC systems.

A feature of the CEATS Real-Time Simulation No.1 project will also be an initial investigation into the application of sectorisation plan, ATC procedures and route network.

The CEATS Real-Time Simulation No.1 will be run in two phases (see heading 14). The Phase 1 will simulate the fixed route network environment (ARN V4) and the Phase 2 will involve the direct routings organisations. Two groups of sectors (North and South scenarios) will be simulated.

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Updated 12.04.2001 by Stefan Oze