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March, 2005

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Outsourcing Simulator Development: pitfall or panacea?
Cost control, economies of scale and access to specialized resources are among the most common reasons cited by organizations for outsourcing software development. But there are ‘hidden’ costs and substantial risks. More...

Maastricht ATC Fair
Experimental Centre projects on display included Aircraft Identification Tag, in which digital data is superimposed on analogue voice communications, and the ECHOES project, which ensures the coherent development and documentation of human machine interfaces for air traffic control.
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Cooperative Air Traffic Management: A Mode of Operation for 2012
The C-ATM High Level Operational Concept has been endorsed by the project's user group, which comprises major European airlines, air navigation service providers and airports. More...

System View Cell: A Top Down Approach to the Centre's Research Programme
The System View Cell provides a top down approach to the centre's research and validation activities, aligning with the ATM Master Plan which will be developed in the definition phase of the Single European Sky SESAME programme. More...

Click to see overview 3rd Innovative Research Workshop
Advanced concepts, emerging technologies applied to ATM, fundamental research, and the Innovative Research strategy were presented and discussed at this workshop. The event also saw the creation of the first Eurocontrol Joint Research Lab. More...

Ten Recommendations for Early Implementation of ASAS in Europe
The completion of the Airborne Separation Assistance System Thematic Network (ASAS-TN) project saw the issue of a set of recommendations for early ASAS implementation. Three Package 1 applications are recommended to be considered for early implementation: ATC surveillance in non-radar areas, airport surface surveillance, and enhanced sequencing and merging. More ...

Safety and Stress
Critical Incident Stress Management (CISM) for air traffic controllers, root causes of accidents in design and more ...

Data Exchange Improvements for Airport Collaborative Decision Making
Studies at Lisbon and London Heathrow have identified gaps in the data shared between airport partners. Improvements to procedures and information sharing have begun and will result in new message exchanges between the Eurocontrol Central Flow Management Unit and the airports, which in turn will enhance both airport operations and air traffic flow management, and may also permit more flexible slot shifting for airlines. More ...

Is a Sustainable Air Transport System Possible?
Depending on who you ask, you will get a different definition of what a sustainable air transport system is. Initial research suggests one way of understanding and analysing this conundrum. More...

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