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October, 2004

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Innovative approaches to handling uncertainty
The European Commission HYBRIDGE project has developed innovative approaches to handling uncertainty in air traffic management. See the project overview which includes an invitation to a presentation of the results.

Maximising safety benefits in a visible and traceable way
Within the EUROCONTROL Agency the EUROCONTROL Experimental Centre has an important role in ensuring that future air traffic management will be safe. A formal Safety Management System is under development. More…

2002 ACAS monitoring shows that more pilots are following resolution advisories

In a year that included the Bodensee accident, it is encouraging to note a high level of pilot compliance to Airborne Collision Avoidance System (ACAS) resolution advisories (RAs). The report shows the rate of RAs in Reduced Vertical Separation Minima (RVSM) airspace to be acceptable - lower than the rate of RAs in some lower airspaces. One new issue of concern is the misinterpretation by some pilots of "Adjust Vertical Speed Adjust" RAs. More...

Click to see overview ACAS alerts only occur under extreme conditions in ASAS merging simulations
The interaction between a potential Airborne Separation Assistance System (ASAS) application, ‘merge behind’, and the existing Airborne Collision Avoidance System (ACAS) was investigated as part of the CoSpace fast-time experiments. More...

Suitability of airborne surveillance applications depends on airspace structure
The findings of the FALBALA preliminary assessment of package I airborne surveillance applications for core Europe included: (1) Enhanced traffic situational awareness during flight operations - filtering is needed to avoid cluttering cockpit displays. (2) Enhanced visual separation on approach - applicability appears to be very limited. (3) Enhanced sequencing and merging - Paris Charles De Gaulle, Paris Orly, and London Gatwick appear well suited whereas London Heathrow presents difficulties due to limited airspace and use of holding stacks. More...

Past aviation emission estimates of CO and HC are too low!
Fuel flows at low thrust, for example while taxiing, are significantly lower than assumed in past aviation emission inventories. At low fuel flows combustion is incomplete and leads to high emission indices for carbon monoxide (CO) and hydrocarbons (HC). Consequently emissions of these gases at airports may be significantly higher than estimated in the past. This is one of the findings of the validation of the Advanced Emission Model III (AEMIII). More...

LINK2000+ Test Facility Available
This facility is available to support Pioneer Airlines as they join the LINK 2000+ Programme on the road to Certification and Operational Approval of Controller Pilot Data Link Communication over ATN and VDL Mode2. It will also be at the disposal of Air Navigation Service Providers as they come on line with LINK 2000+ implementations. More...

Click to see overview Layers of Parallel Tracks
A speculative approach to the prevention of crossing conflicts between cruising aircraft. More...

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