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April, 2004

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Image missing! Reduction in Delay Forecast for this Summer
Increases in capacity should more than compensate for traffic growth. More...

Future ATFM Measures: the solution to airspace congestion?
According to the FAM concept, air traffic flow management in Europe can be enhanced by better co-operation of all stakeholders, in order to maximise the efficiency of the system. Through enhanced information, communication and negotiation in real time, traffic demand not anticipated in the planning phase can be absorbed safely in the tactical phase in a process termed Real-Time Traffic Synchronisation. More...

Image unavailable What does the public know about Air Traffic Management?
Why do we care about public opinion? ATM is entering the political arena, and will more and more have to explain and justify its decisions. A recent project shows that the public is poorly informed about ATM. More...

Sustainable Development: Oxymoron, Industry Buzzword?
The aviation industry talks a lot these days about sustainable development or growth. But in fact the term is somewhat contradictory. This report seeks to develop some consensus about the definition, from the different aviation stakeholders. Comments and suggestions would be welcome as part of the process of developing this consensus in the definition. More...

Maastricht ATC Fair
Congratulations to Frequentis who received this year's innovation award for their implementation of the Experimental Centre's Watermarking project. EEC projects on the Eurocontrol stand included Time-Based Separations and FARADS, which is investigating the feasibility of downlinking ACAS resolution advisories. Projects presented on the European Commission stand included the European Validation Platform (EVP), CoSpace and the ADS-B Validation Testbed.

Image unavailable

CoSpace - Getting Down to Final Approach with ASAS
Initial results from a simulation evaluating the use of new spacing instructions indicate earlier flow integration, fewer manoeuvring instructions, less late vectoring and more regular spacing on final approach. More ...

Preliminary ACAS / ASAS Interaction Analysis Completed
Phase 1 of the IAPA (Implications on ACAS Performances due to ASAS implementation) project has selected lateral crossing as a challenging ASAS application from an ACAS / ASAS interaction perspective. A framework was established for in-depth investigation in Phase 2. More...

Learning Safety from other Industries
A review of over 500 techniques related to safety in nine industries has been carried out, to determine what ATM safety can 'borrow' from other industry best practice. A set of 19 techniques has been recommended for adaptation to ATM over the next five years. More...

TALIS 1 Project Finished Successfully
The Total Information Sharing for Pilot Situational Awareness Enhanced by Intelligent Systems, Phase 1 (TALIS 1), European Union-funded consortium finished the project successfully in February 2004. More...

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