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A snapshot of some recent, current and forthcoming activities of the EUROCONTROL Experimental Centre.

March, 2003

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Experimental Centre Revises Strategy
The centre has undertaken a thorough revision of its strategy and organisation. The new organisation took effect on 1st February.

Image On display at the Maastricht ATC exhibition
CoSpace, Package I and CAIA

Environmental impact of RVSM
The annual environmental benefit of RVSM (Reduced Vertical Separation Minimum) is comparable to the suppression of over 5500 transatlantic flights or 100,000 flights within Europe. This is equvalent to four days without air traffic in Europe.

Resources for Developing and Evaluating New Controller Working Positions
New guidance material enriches the CoRe methodology and toolset.

Airports could be the primary source of congestion delay in 2015
Use of secondary airports and scheduling of flights in less constrained periods will reduce delays.

What affects a passenger's choice of plane or high-speed train?
This thesis investigates passenger sensitivity to various parameters and suggests that, for journeys of up to 750km, passengers would gain time by taking a high-speed train.

Benefits of Shared Information Flows at Airports Enhanced quality and accuracy of information provided by Arrival and Departure Management systems (AMAN/DMAN), supported by Collaborative Decision Making (CDM) techniques, could improve airport general operating procedures.

Launch of the ASAS Thematic Network
The main objective of the ASAS Thematic Network is to accelerate the implementation of Airborne Separation Assistance Systems in Europe.

Package I Surveillance Testbed - First Phase Completed
AVT, the Package I Surveillance Testbed, was demonstrated in January.

Heathrow trial of ADS-B technologies for surface surveillance The results indicate that VDL-4 provides (as expected) by far the best coverage, and also appears to suffer less from multipath and interference problems. 1090 MHz ES appears to be the most sensitive link to such problems. In areas of good coverage performance is not significantly different between the three links.

New VDL-4 Performance Simulator (VPS) Now Available VPS offers a number of advantages compared with the existing SPS simulator.

The Aeronautical Communication Technologies Simulator (ACTS)
has been designed to evaluate and optimise any Air/Ground communication system. Initially, it will be used to refine parameters in VDL2 standards and to validate the assignment of frequencies planned by the ICAO Frequency Management Group.

An Overview of GNSS within EUROCONTROL: Past, Present and Future

Galileo and Aviation – Frequently Asked Questions

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